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Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bellamy, D.S.O.

From G. K. Rose, The Story of the 2/4th Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry.

Early August 1916
“The new Commanding Officer, Major R. Bellamy, D.S.O., came from the Royal Sussex Regiment and assumed command early in

November 1916
“While speaking of the life furthest forward I do not forget the very similar conditions, allowing for the absence of enemy machine-guns and snipers, which prevailed at Battalion Headquarters. Confined to a dug-out (a smaller replica of Regina) in Hessian Trench, with a continual stream of reports to receive and instructions to send out, and being continually rung up on the telephone, Colonel Bellamy and Cuthbert had their hands full, and opportunities for rest, if not for refreshment, were very limited.”

Late May / Early June 1917
“During this move Colonel Bellamy, who had commanded us since August, 1916, left the Battalion. He shortly afterwards succeeded to the command of the 2nd Royal Sussex, his former regiment. A man of tact and ripe experience, he had done much to improve the Battalion during his stay. He lacked few, if any, of the best qualities of a Regular officer. His steady discipline, sure purpose, and soldierly outlook, had made him at once Commanding Officer, counsellor and friend. Latterly he had been somewhat vexed by illness, but had refused to allow his activity to be handicapped thereby. His stay had not coincided with the brightest nor least difficult epochs in the Battalion’s history, for which reason, since he was not unduly flattered by fortune, his merit deserves recognition.”


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One thought on “Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bellamy, D.S.O.

  1. Andrew James on said:

    Thanks for this information, I am proud to have this gentleman’s medals in my collection, but I had not traced his link to the 2/4th Ox & Bucks. Found 2 references regards his appointment in London Gazette 26 Oct, 1916 and 10 August, 1917, which documents his promotion to Temp. Lt. Col on 31 July 1916 and retaining this rank 6 August 1916, but both enteries reference the Royal Sussex Regt.

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