Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (The 2/4th Battalion)

Research and Resources around the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry during WWI

Laventie showing Fauquissart Sector 1916

15/06/1916. On this day and until 21/06/1916 the first independent experience of trench duty in the front line was gained, when the 2/5th (Glocesters) relieved the 2/1st Bucks in the right subsection Fauquissart-Laventie Section The 2/6th Glosters being on their right and 2/4th Oxfords on their left.”

2nd/4th Royal Berkshire Regiment

“Moated Grange (27th July to 1st August 1916)
On the 27th after an inspection by the CO they moved off to Moated Grange to take over trenches from the 2nd/4th Ox and Bucks with 50 men from D Coy attached to the Royal Engineers on fatigue duty. At this point four new officers arrived from England, Capt G O W Willink and 2Lts F D Greenwood, J C Fagan and CC Hedges”

August 27th 1916, Fauquissart
27th August to 3rd September 1916
Back into the trenches again on the 27th relieving the 2/4th Ox and Bucks. A shell dropped onto the reserve trenchand killed 3324 Charles Mavies Callaway of Hammersmith and 2258 Ernest A Harding of Maidenhead.There was a concerted artillery and trench mortar bombardment on the 28th in conjunction with the Australians whowere nearby. 5502 William Harold Searle of Bristol was killed. There was more shelling on the 31st with a response
of 42s and 59s by the Germans but about 70% of these did not explode and so there were no British casualties. But2769 Arthur Charles Tull of Cosham was killed on the 2nd.They were relieved by the 2/8th Royal Warwicks and went off to billets in La Gorgue on the 3rd.

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