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Lieutenant R. A. O’Meara, M.C.

From G. K. Rose, The Story of the 2/4th Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry.

Christmas 1917
“After one night at Lechelle the Battalion entrained at Ytres and moved back to Christmas rest-billets at Suzanne, near Bray.

Huts, built by the French but vacated more than a year ago and now very dilapidated, formed the accommodation. In them Christmas dinners, to procure which Bennett had proceeded early from the line, were eaten. And O’Meara conducted the Brigade band.”

15th April 1918
“The attack, carried out by B Company under Stanley, with D in support, was quite successful in its plan but not in its result. From a cause such as every series of complicated operations in open
warfare threatened to introduce, the troops of the 4th Division on our right failed to cooperate as we expected. O’Meara, whom Stanley had placed in charge of his leading troops, after securing the cottages named as his objective, round himself attacked by the enemy from the very direction whence he had counted on assistance. After ineffectual attempts by our ‘liaison’ officer, Kirk,
to get our neighbours to do their share, B Company had to be withdrawn to their original position. The 4th Division at this time were the flank division of one corps while we were of another. To reach Battalion acting on our right a notice of our plan had to climb up through our Brigade, Division, and Corps to Army and down again as many steps the other side. A staff-officer from Army or from Corps should have been on the spot. Coucher and Kemp, two capital officers, were killed during the evening when this attack took place. Our other casualties were Killed, 2; Wounded, 18; Missing, 1.”

I only find the following R. A. Omeara in the British Medal Records:

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