Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (The 2/4th Battalion)

Research and Resources around the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry during WWI


This blog is dedicated to research and discovery of the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry.

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  1. Mark Lyndon on said:

    Thanks for this site, much appreciated. Just got back from the Somme visiting some of the places where the 2/4th were sent. Very moving experience. My grandfather, Frederick Lyndon, though hospitalized made it home, one of the lucky ones.

  2. David Honour on said:

    Hi, I am trying to find out a little about FP Beckley. He was a Serjeant in B Coy 1st/1st Bucks Bn. He was killed on 24th April 1915 south of Ypres at PLOEGSTEERT WOOD.

    Prior to joining up he helped form our local Scout Group, one of the first in the country, we believe to be the second group formed in Bucks. After the war the Troop travelled to the Cemetry to pay tribute to him at his grave.

    This summer I was able to repeat their journey with my son. On Remembrance Sunday this year I will be able to share our experience with the rest of the Scout Group. I am just wondering if anyone knows more about the fighting in that sector. I know that they had only been in France for about 6 weeks.

    I believe he joined up in 1914, which was when the Batallion was formed, I don’t believe he had any previous millitary background so I am wondering how he was promoted to Serjeant, was that just on the basis of his potential during training?

    Any help you can give me would be much apprecaited


    David Honour
    1st Chesham Bois Scout Group

    • Jeremy Bedwell on said:

      Dear David,,

      I read with interest your comments. My Grandfather, Walter Bedwell, was also a sergeant in B Compant 1/1st Batallion . He was wounded on the 1st June 1915.

      I am going to Ploegsteert next week as part of a cycling tour, so am interested in finding out as much as possible about my Grandfather’s time there.


      Jeremy Bedwell

  3. Ian Gay on said:

    Hi there, just wanted to let you know that my great-grandfather, Harry Gay, served with the Oxfordshire and Bucks Light Infantry during World War One.

    I have a collection of hand-sketched postcards that he sent to my grandfather whist he was serving in/around Saleux and parts of Belgium. Some of them are dated 1917 and 1918.

    Would love to be able to share them if anyone is interested.

  4. Harry George on said:

    Hi, i am trying to find information about my fathers uncle Harry George ( 2nd Battalion Oxforg and Bucks Regiment ) who i understand was killed in Northern France on 25th september 1915, any help you may be able to give would be greatly appreciated
    many thanks
    Harry George

  5. An uncle of mine Harry Higgs was a Bandsman in the Ox & Bucks when the first WW started. He was killed around Ypres on 12th November 1914, 19 years of age, and his name is on the Menin Gate memorial, panels 37/39.
    I am interested in finding out anything about the whereabouts and circumstances in which the Ox & Bucks were fighting at the time. There is a photograph and brief details of him on my website.

    • alandbower on said:

      Dear Jim

      Harry Higgs would have been part of the 2nd Battalion. I’m afraid I have not done much research around the 2nd Battalion as I concentrate on the 2/4th. My two maternal Great Grandfathers served n this Battalion. The best site I know covering the OBLI and the 2nd Battalion is http://www.lightbobs.com/1914-wood-fighting-12-16-november.html. I believe this details the action at which your great uncle was killed.

      • Claire Rhodes on said:

        I am also looking into a bandsman from the Ox and Bucks who was 19 years of age and died on 12 November at Ypres, he is also named on the Menin Gate memorial. Robert Augustus Sheppard was my great uncle. I’m not sure yet which battalion he was with.

  6. I have a photo postcard of what appears to be a Sergeant in the Bucks Regt who may be a local man from the Worth Valley near Keighley in West Yorkshire. If you’d like a copy of this photo and could help me to identify the man (which would be much appreciated), then please email me on andy@menofworth.org.uk.
    Andy Wade.
    Director. The Men of Worth Project.

  7. Ben on said:

    I’m researching Edward AlmaChilde Bianchi, of the 2nd/4th Ox and Bucks, for a school project. He won two medals in WW1, and died in the Battle of St Quentin, 21st March. Please reply to this comment if you get any information about him, especially on the medals, as I don’t know what they were.

    • alandbower on said:

      Dear Ben

      His medals would have been the British War Medal 1914-1920 and The Victory Medal 1914-1919.

      He died under one of the largest bombardments in the history of mankind, on the 21st March 1918. When I have a spare moment I will crate a more detailed profile of him.


    • Colin Brown on said:

      Hi Ben. Just out of interest as part of ‘Poppy Scotland’ nationwide ‘Tribute to the Fallen’ I have been asked to remember Edward Almachilde Bianchi. Be interested if you post any other info you have or could email me your research when it is complete.

      Colin Brown

  8. John Tanner on said:

    On 12th November 1914 the 2nd Bn was in the line from the south west corner of Polygon Wood to the south east corner of Nonne Boschen. They were shelled during the day and lost 8 men killed and 14 wounded.

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